After the ice, the blue colors, the sheer cliffs, and the immense glaciers, Taky bay, Taku harbour, seemed almost like coming into somewhere tropical.      Everything is green, so lush, the Sitka trees standing majestically in the forest, their huge trucks surrounded by very large Devils club and Skunk cabbage.     There is such a quiet here, i love wandering into the forest, on a deer trail, and just stand there, and listen, i could hear a few birds, busy with the seeds out of the Sitka cones, and i could hear the distant talk of the boaters at the dock, but other then that, quiet, total quiet.        I wandered around, there is a small pathway along the shore, and first i came upon a very old cabin, windows missing, not much left inside other then an old washing machine, one that i used to use in the seventees!!!      This cabin belonged to Tiger Olsen, a gentle lad, a true earth muffin so to speak, who lived here by himself for many years.         One boater told me that Tiger did very well here, all by himself, when a boat would come in, he would meet the skipper, and tie up the lines and welcomed them to Taku harbor.      When Tiger was in his eighties, the authorities became worried about him, i guess no one wanted to find Tiger passed away , out there , in the middle of no where, i just wish they would have left him. Taku bay was his home, his love, they brought him to Juneau, put him in a retirement home, and that is where he died.      Very sad.

Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 325

Tiger Olsen’s cabin.

The old washing machine.Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 339Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 330

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