Continued Taku Harbor…

I just had a major fight with the wifi here, tried very hard to publish a post, but the photos would not publish, so i waited a while, watched an episode of Netflix, and here we are again!!!       There was a photo in the new cabin, constructed by the Alaskan parks, in honor of Tiger Olsen, the photo is of Tiger, sorry , that it is so dark!!

Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 335 (Medium)Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 334Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 333Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 321Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 342

The old pilings of docks , long gone….    story follows…..

Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 345

Chocolate Lily, Frittilaria Camschatsensis.  Phfew!!  try and pronounce that!!!

1 thought on “Continued Taku Harbor…

  1. Wow, there were way more boats there then when we were there. It was pouring rain and there was only one fish boat, so we did not stay. Nice story and pics.

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