History of Taku Harbour.

Taku harbour is named after the Tlingit peoples, who lived here, there were four shore communities, formerly known as Takokakaan.      The government took a senses in 1880, and counted a total of 269 people.   The Tlingit thrived here, the waters are teaming with fish, she shores full of clams, i did not find a sign of clam gardens, but then, i also didn’t check the whole bay.   In 1840, a Hudson’s bay trading post was established here.   In 1901 the San Juan Fishing and Packing company settled here, covering a huge area, many buildings are now gone , so are the docks, but i found a photo , thanks to the Alaskan State library.Alaska 2017 Hoonah 016    Many of the First nations, the Tlingit, worked here in the cannery, it became their livelihood, but the cannery was only in operation till 1909, and today , there are only remnants of docks, buildings, boilers and electrical generators, nature is slowly but very steadily taking over.   The Tlingit have moved away since a long time.

now and then…..taku harbor 016

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