While Curtsy was on land…..

We ventured out, looked around, there was really nothing more we could do, so we headed into town, met up with Vaughan and Rita and went to Historic Creek Street, and to the totem park.   It rained.         We had to haul our fresh water too, all the way from Ketchikan as there is no water at the haul out.     We used the “sourdough taxi service ” for that.   The drivers were great, very punctual and helpful.

I could not deal with hard noises, never liked them but now, each time, i was back at the accident scene.       I had a hard time functioning, we did not talk about the accident, Bert and i, I kept in touch with our daughter Karen, who ,with her prayers and guidance kept me focused and slowly , but surely i started to feel a bit better.    Eventually, Bert and i had one heck of a good cry about it all, damaging our beloved Curtsy, but also being so grateful for how immensly strong she is.    We figure that a sailboat, with a bolted on keel would have sustained massive damage.

So, we went into Ketchikan, to look around, it has some very nice historic places, i love totems , so i took lots of photos, first of Creek Street, the creek was running full power, so much rain, i took photos of the signs on the walls , writing about the history, this way i would not be typing till midnight.     (LOL)

2017 Glacier bay.......Accident 003 one of the totems at totem park in Ketchikan.

2017 Glacier bay.......Accident 022 Historic Creek street, with the creek, running wild!!!

2017 Glacier bay.......Accident 024 2017 Glacier bay.......Accident 021 Very interesting stories….

2017 Glacier bay.......Accident 033 Vaughan and Rita next to the roaring creek.

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