Wayne came over every day, the hole was leaking salt water, so we then realized that the keel was now full of salt water, which had come in ,while the boat traveled to Ketchikan, there is a lot of pressure while traveling through the water.       Like i wrote, we had 100 liters of diesel in the tank, which was now contaminated by the salt water.    Bert now had to take it all out , by using a pump and large, stainless steel buckets. he hauled out 10 buckets of sea water, at 16 liters each, then the rest of the fuel, which was floating on top. By June 8, Wayne was filling in the hole, grinding the damage down, bit by bit, lying on his back, in the rain!!    Bert had made eaves out of duct tape, so the water would stay away from the work area.   Did i mention that Wayne is our age or older???     He and Bert noticed that , once the whole had been cleaned out, that Curtsy has had damage there before.       Now Wayne started building up the keel, using a compound that dries rather fast, he would come back every day, work an our, leave again, let it dry, and add more material.       IN the meantime, our boating friends, Don and Janice, from Waterford, decided that they were not going on, but leaving the boat in Ketchikan and travel by ferry to first Juneau and then Sitka.       They had a marvelous time, we kept in touch with them as much as possible.     Vaughan and Rita tied to the dock at the haul out place, were allowed to stay there for 2 nights, which they did, but i knew they were just itching to go, and meet the deadline for Glacier Bay park.     So off they went, and we did not see them any more till just last week at Maple bay!!!!

Wayne kept on working, he had quoted Bert a price from 800 to a 1000 to fix the boat, we checked later on , and if we would have been home to do this, it would have cost thousands!!!!!           We started to go on the bus to Ketchikan, might as well look around a bit, we had met up with our boating friends downtown and went out for lunch twice, oh my goodness, are the restaurants ever expensive!!!       But remember, 4 cruise ships come into the harbor every day, all summer long.    The town gets huge business out of that, but we noticed that some stores had signs saying, ” owned by local people!!”, so not by the cruise ship company.       Once we were on our own, we would go into town in the evening, when the cruise ships are gone, and then it was very nice to be there.

2017 haul out Totem Bight 062 As good as new, a beautiful new red “nose”!!!

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