While Curtsy was being repaired….

As Wayne could only do a bit at the time, each layer of fiber glass had to cure properly, we thought we might as well enjoy ourselves, keep our thoughts away from all that happened,   we figured out the bus line, Silverline, and we used it a lot, for $5.00 US , we could travel all day, morning and night, after a while we got to know the drivers quite well, and they us!!     ( there were those two funny Canadiens again , going into town).  On June 10th, we took the bus North bound, we wanted to visit Totem Bight, our busdriver was an impressive looking fellow, First nation, Tlingit, his regular name is Tom, but his First nation name is Earthshake, it suited him!!     He told us about himself, told us about the Haida ,coming here a long time ago and taking over the place, making the Tlingit slaves and taking their women with them.     Well, Earthshake married a Haida, a woman full of fire and her name is Thunderwoman, so you can see this is a marriage full of energy and fire!!!       I noticed that Tom was wearing the most beautiful silver cuffs on his wrists, First Nation carved.

Totem Bight is impressive, we arrived the same time as a bunch of tourists, but they were told to wait , so we quickly headed ahead of them, so i could take good photos, without a lot of folks in them.      Did i mention that the sun was shining???   it was NOT raining????

2017 haul out Totem Bight 001 2017 haul out Totem Bight 003 My lazy way of telling you a bit about the Bight!

2017 haul out Totem Bight 004  2017 haul out Totem Bight 008 This has been here for a while….

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