We had quite the time ,getting into Klewnuggit Inlet, the tide was still running against us, and as we came closer to the entrance, we basically came to a full stop!!    The other boating friends were already inside, nicely anchored, their boat has a very powerful engine and after all, she is a motor sailor. but, here we were, Bert knew we could not turn in until we were past the light ,which marks the reef at the entrance.    So, we pushed on, slowly gaining speed, until we could make the turn, as soon as we did, the boat lurched forwards and now our speed read, 7.5!!!!!    WHOAH!!!!!!     Then we realized this was going to be very hard for Waterford, she is smaller, less power, so we hailed them on channel 16 and told them our concern.   Bert talked to Don and suggested to him what to do, to make sure to round the light before turning.     later on they told us that their speed also went basically to zero, and after the turn they shut forwards , doing 7 knots!!!  So we all made it, and anchored nearby each other.    Looking back, after leaving Alexander Inlet, motoring into Princess Royal channel, we did stop at Butedale,more on the next post.

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