So yes, i am jumping from one thing to the next and back again, i guess part of that problem is how long its been now, and even though i wrote down a lot, i did not write about Butedale at all, but i did take photos.   Butedale lies in a bay, on Princess Royal island, and same as namu, was a convenient fuel stop.   Slowly though , it became in disrepair, even though the Butedale Restoration Project tried to get it going again.   Now there is only a caretaker, with a guard dog and cats, and he does let you tie to the dock, and you can, by escort only, view the site.   The waterfall is amazing, especially in early spring, and most boaters stop in front, take photos and go on again, which is what we did.        After Baraka Bashad went ahead, we came close to the base of the falls, and i saw swallows darting in and out of the spewing water, i am not sure what they were catching, maybe bugs……      Later on a big brown head appeared, right at the base also, a sealion!!!    probably catching fish!2017 GLACIER BAY WATERFALLS 030Baraka Bashad in front of Butedale.2017 GLACIER BAY WATERFALLS 032Butedale falls.2017 GLACIER BAY WATERFALLS 042

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