We anchored in Rescue bay, there are many red necked grebes here, with their funny calls, they woke me up every morning!   Rescue bay lies off Mathieson channel. It offers the best protection from stormy weather.  It was training very hard while we were there, in the morning i made one of my special breakfasts, might as well enjoy ourselves!!!  On may 23rd, we headed out towards Klemtu, planning to go through Jackson Passage, the tide was running 1 knot in our direction.   Jackson Passage is a shorter route towards Klemtu, then Oscar passage , but you have to be careful. When going through Jackson Narrows, ( part of Jackson Passage), you need to watch out for opposing traffic, we went through at flood tide, so lots of water, but its a tricky place with rocks here and there.   Minimum depth in the fairway is 2 fathoms, 12 feet.     After passing Klemtu, we didnt need to stop, i think Baraka Bashad did, not sure if Waterford stayed with us or went with them , anyways, we motored towards Tolmie channel, and headed into Alexander inlet.    We anchored here 5 years ago also, and forgot how long the inlet is, but it is beautiful in there.    I am pretty sure the other two boats must have doubted our decision to go in there…….But, the anchoring is great, excellent holding.  In the cruising guide they mention that Alexander inlet is infrequently used as a cruising destination, i think thats why we like it…..Its 8 miles in there, not good for impatient folks!!2017 GLACIER BAY WATERFALLS 001W met up with all old friend.

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