Keeping on going……

On may 22, we left Shearwater, the weather was blowy , dark , and cold, we headed into Seaforth Channel, two Sandhill cranes flew over!!!   I love those birds, their calls can be heard a full MILE away, its a call like no other, they fly 8000 km from the South to their nesting grounds in the North.    We went into Reid Passage, towards  Mathieson Channel, and met up with a large pod of Dall’s porpoise , these wonderful animals are magnificent to watch, as soon as they see the boats coming, they come skooting over, and start their play, jumping at the bow, racing ahead, then coming back again, over and over, they take their breath , jumping out of the water, and make a good size splash!!   i was leaning way over the bow of the boat, with my camera, and i swear , one large one knew very much so i was there, and kept coming back, splashing me each time!!    They give you joy, i was having a hard time already, with the constant rushing on this journey, and this made it all okay.     This species is declining, they are still hunted , several countries take as many as 14.000 per year, and many are killed in the fishing nets.     Their total length is 6 to 8 feet, and their weight is on average 300 lbs.      They are the joy in the waters here, and it would be so dreadful if they disappear altogether .

2017 GLACIER BAY DALLS PORPOISE 001On the way to Rescue bay.

2017 GLACIER BAY DALLS PORPOISE 131The famous Dall’s porpoise splash!!2017 GLACIER BAY DALLS PORPOISE 041This big fellow kept coming back, splashing me each time!!2017 GLACIER BAY DALLS PORPOISE 072Their coloring is very significant, their dorsal fin is black and white, the fin of the harbour porpoise is all black or a dark grey.

2017 GLACIER BAY DALLS PORPOISE 126This big guy kept on coming back, looking up at the boat!!

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