Bishop bay hot springs, Hartley bay.

I just finished writing the whole story down and it disappeared.   No idea where it went. So, here we go again.  On May 25 , we left for Bishop bay hot springs, our end destiny would be Hartley bay, actually the anchorage around the corner, Coghlan anchorage.   The hot springs sit at the head of Bishop bay, and have three buoys in front, anchoring is not much of a possibility  , and wouldnt you know it, all three buoys were free when we got there.!!!!!   Years ago the Kitimat Yacht club built a cement bath house, a path from the bath house leads up the hill to a covered picnic area.    The hot springs flow steady , all the time, but there are now signs ,warning folks of the hazard of the hot water, i guess , eventually, the modern world laws have reached here too.   In the meantime, we had a wonderful soak and ended up looking like 6 prunes!!!    Cute ones though……  We stayed as long as we could , warmer ourselves in the sun, which was a total blessing, it had been so cold!!!    We left the next morning for Hartley bay, or rather Coghlan anchorage, around the corner from Hartley bay.    Hartley bay is a Native community, and has a well protected harbor, its one place where you can get fuel and water.   It has a medical clinic, a Tsimshian carving shed and a store for those things you might need. We didnt stop there this time, but our boating friends from SV Waterford did, looking for some groceries and the folks opened the store and gave them a dozen eggs to cook for dinner. ( some of the eggs…).

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