Lots of work to be done in Shearwater!!

We all tied to the docks there, so much easier for carrying groceries to the boat, and doing several laundries.  We arrived on May 20, at 14.30 pm, and lucky for us , there were 3 spaces open at the docks, but its still early in the year, most boats would come later….    The old dead tree is still standing in front of the marina, the two eagles are still sitting in it every day , waiting for their treats.    The laundry is still pretty good here, and we took the water taxi to Bella Bella for our groceries.     The town has quite a few changes, it is a First nations town, and the folks built a beautiful Tribal building to house the two canoes, which they use every year to travel along the BC coast.   Bella Bella is also known as Waglisla, and is the home of the Heiltsuk First nation.     More about this later, we stopped there again on the way back….2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 212Curtsy and Waterford tied to the dock in Shearwater.

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