In the evening Bert and i went for a dinghy ride, looking around the lagoon, i had heard a whale blow, right in the anchorage, it seemed to head into a small part of the lagoon, so we slowly headed that way, no sign of him!!      Bert turned the engine off and we just sat there , i didn’t bring my camera and oh was i ever sorry about that , because here, right behind us,about 30 feet away ,he surfaced, a beautiful , short finned pilot whale!!!  he was big, we we were small , sitting in our little dinghy, he was also very black, a huge, long black back, right next to us!!  I recognized him by his color, his very strong blow as he came to the surface, and his dorsal fin.   Their total length can be up to 23 feet, and their average weight up to 2300 kg.  Another name for them is Pothead whale, ( they have a very black rounded head), or Black fish, but they are obviously not a fish!!!!2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 207 So i do not have a photo of the whale but this is one of the variegated skunk cabbage at Sagar lake.

2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 210The very narrow entrance into Codville lagoon, Baraka Bashad just leaving ahead of us. 

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