In the clearest, brightest water….

In my rush, (try not to), to get going with the blog, i totally forgot such an important story to tell, so i am stepping back, only one step, back to Bishop bay hot springs.    Both days we were there ,the sun was out, beautiful ,warm spring days, and Bert and i paddled in the dinghy to the dock, there is a dock here, only for smaller boats ,and i had seen some small fish jump….      Well, what we saw, in the water, the clearest most beautiful water lifted my spirits , there, on the bottom, about 4 feet down, lay some amazing animals, Sea Cucumbers,  i had never seen them before, especially not in these colors, bright orange tentacles, which act like dust mops on the animal, gathering up decaying food particles.  They have 5 longitudinal  muscle bands which they use to escape when threatened .  I have this info from the MARINE LIFE OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST BOOK, a wonderful book to have on the boat.  The book is created and written by Andy Lamb and Bernard P. Hanby ,who is the photographer.     The photos are stunning, mine are so mediocre but then i dont have their equipment.

2017 grenville channel glacier bay 024Sea cucumber, hard to see him but the beautiful orange tentacles are visible.2017 grenville channel glacier bay 016A school of Perch, at least, thats what another boater told me they are.2017 grenville channel glacier bay 042

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