Codville Lagoon, continued….May 19

This was our third time in this anchorage, we wanted to take out boating friends on the walk to Sagar lake, the start of the trail is at the head of the anchorage, a bit hard to find, but so worth while.   The day was sunny, (yes, sunny!!) the water sparkling, the forest full of bird sounds.    The trail is rough, and about 3 miles long, but its oh so worth while to get to the lake, it lies higher up, and the sandy shores are the color of pinky peach.   It had been so cold till now, but the sun shining on our backs made it all worth it.    We had phone connection up at the lake and our boating friends all hauled out their phones to connect and take photos.   Rita took a dive into the not too cold waters, brave lady, the rest of us waded in knee deep.     Some  plants were starting to sprout, the Skunk cabbage was barely out of the ground ,while at home they were already 3 feet tall!!!!!

2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 1932017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 201Don and Janice sharing a peaceful moment at Sagar lake.

2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 208Some parts of the trial have boardwalks to protect the muskeg. 


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