Back to the docks……

We had lots of snow here, LOTS!!!!        We cleared Curtsy three times, plus several other boats, plus the docks and the ramp, it would get cold at night, so in the morning , lots of ice had accumulated which is very hard on canvas.      But, how beautiful it is, early morning, the sun barely  shining its light on the water, the snowy slopes of the Malahat already lit up, the boat gently crunching in the thin layer of ice, Curtsy is warm, she is insulated and we run the diesel stove 24/7, plus, in the aft cabin, we have a small electric heater.    The ice did cause some problems though, as the meltwater during the day sat in the locks of the hatches, they would freeze at night, and later on, when it started raining, we had a dandy leak in the large front hatch.      Once things warmed up, the problem went away, but its good to know what can happen when things get cold on the boat. feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-004feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-006feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-037


A very lonely dinghy , surrounded by pancake ice.

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