It is December 14, and its cold!!    yes, i know, for you who live way up North, that is just a joke, minus 2, but the humidity is so high , 100 % yesterday, 86% today, the bay froze overnight, there is a lot of run off here from the rainwater ,so the fresh water on top of the salt, freezes!     Curtsy made some interesting noises this morning, creaking and groaning, i could hear ice breaking, the temp in the cockpit was 2 degrees.

During breakfast, i started hearing loud banging and ice breaking, and here come 5 kayakers ,breaking a path through the ice with their paddles


One brave, happy lady!!!



There they go, i haven’t seen them come back yet…

, these guys looked awesome, dressed up as Santas ,kayaks decorated.    I just had to share that with you, they were out for a paddle, for a couple hours, i asked the one gent if he was not cold, and he said he had many, many layers on…..   even so……they are floating on very cold water!!!

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