December 13…. its been and is cold!!

We had snow!!!    We woke up to that marvelous quiet, that stillness , only snow can give, it was still very early , but i just had to go out and marvel at the perfect whiteness, the folks on the ferry were just getting going, thawing the boat out, the snow was about 3″ deep, i know, nothing to brag about, but for here, in Brentwood, its really something.!!!    It didnt last long, by the end of the day , a lot had melted off, Bert made a path , the birds came and stood there , with their feet bright red from the cold, they seemed confused  by all this white stuff.     It is really the best way to get into the Christmas spirit , some white stuff.    Today, December 13, its all gone again, we had tons of rain in the meantime, but it is staying cold for here, so maybe …….. at Christmas……..


A bit of snow on our Christmas lights.


Pancake ice forming in the bay.


Snowy morning.

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