We stayed three nights, when we were walking towards the shopping Centre, on North Pender, we met a very nice couple from Alberta, their power boat was tied to the dock at Poet’s Cove, Perry and Jo-Anne, Perry heard our accents and started talking about Holland, he is part dutch too, so the dutch names of many little places in Holland were coloring the conversation!!!             We saw them again later on at Poet’s Cove and invited them to come for coffee on board of Curtsy the next day.     They had never been on board of a sailboat before and both were pleasantly surprised!!!      But, i am getting ahead of things, the night before we had a most beautiful sunset, so i need to share that.

James island    orchard and seals 073

Gorgeous heh??

James island    orchard and seals 077

A second photo never hurts, the beautiful colors are slowly fading away…..

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