Intriguing shore line…..

All through out the Gulf Islands, ( IN THE SALISH SEA),  every where you go ashore, you are bound to find some intriguing shore lines, amazing rock formations, beautiful sculpted sand stone rocks, marked by years of salt water, splashing and dripping in the same spots…..  i call these” rock lace”, as some of them are beautifully crafted by nature.

The Gulf islands consist of high ridges of erosion resistant sandstone and conglomerate, in between lies more easily eroding

James island    orchard and seals 049

Conglomerate rock.

James island    orchard and seals 052

Sandstone with “rock lace”

James island    orchard and seals 068

As dry and rocky the shores are, these little succulents keep on growing, Tough little plants!!!!!

shale, the conglomerate is especially evident at the shores of South Pender Island, huge conglomerate boulders line the shore, broken off from higher up, while in between , sand stone  ridges and rock show the “rock lace”.       I have a lot of older photos of the rock lace , from the shores near  Silva bay.      There, whole caves have washed out from the constant waves.

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