Four nights away on Curtsy

We left the 29th of March , the day before, Bert unfurled the sails, checking them for any problems, he took the dinghy down, mounted the engine, went on a trial run, all was good, i bought the necessary groceries to keep us well fed and happy, and on Tuesday, away we went!!        Actually , we had no plans, no idea about where to go, but first we have to head out of Saanich inlet, then we took a right turn into Satellite Channel , Bert put the head and the main sail up.      The wind was kind of all over the place, it always is here, the tide was running hard , especially in Boundary Pass, and we decided to head towards Bedwell harbour, South Pender Island, i always like going there, and this time of year its not too busy.     The resort, Poet’s Cove , is nice to visit, and we had the use of the showers and the hot tub.       We tied to one of the buoys, that are put there by the Provincial Parks , and relaxed…….               Now, i believe that all things come in threes, so, first, our little fridge decided that is was not getting enough power on 12 volt, in the middle of the night, it starts cycling, trying to start, as i sleep with one ear open at all times (first mate), i started listening to it, on off, on off,   when i flip the 12 volt switch, it might start, but then, it might now,   so, i decided to turn it off, and sleep, everything was nice and cold in it, so it should be ok till morning, as long as i didnt open it……

Next problem, when we were sailing that day, we at one point heeled 30 degrees, to starboard, there is one water tank at starboard, it is fiber glass, built into the hull, but, it has a small crack at the very top, Bert thought he had fixed it, but heeling that much, showed it was not closed off yet.         A foot of fresh water was sitting in the hold next to it, not a huge problem, as i keep a plastic bucket in there, plus some things that can get wet.    I cleaned it out, dried it all , and we still had over 3/4 tank of water left, plus two other full tanks, no worries.            Now, like i said, things come in threes, the next day , Bert

James island    orchard and seals 086

Bridge link between the tow islands.

James island    orchard and seals 083

Pender Canal, no problem going through with the dinghy, but some bigger boats, and sailboats, run into problems sometimes, at high tide, some masts scrape along the bottom of the bridge, you can see the scarring when you go through!!!!

asked me if i wanted to go through the Cut, between South Pender and North Pender, and walk to the shopping centre near Port Browning.        Yes!!!!   would love that, so, Bert put the engine on the dinghy, and proceeded to start it, he pulled  and he pulled, i started hearing some choice words, some more pulling, not a kick in the darn thing!!!!!       Now Bert takes very good care of everything, so this was weird, he proceeded to take the engine apart, every little part, checking if the fuel came in, checking the hoses, taking out the spark plugs, cleaning them, they looked good, put it all back together , still would not start, gas not getting there, so, take apart the carburetor , he is so patient, and so thorough   , i watched with great admiration   , half hour later, put it all back together, pulled the cord, and away she went!!!!!     And, it has never sounded so good!!!!!!      So, there you go!!!!!!   all things come in threes!!!!!James island    orchard and seals 081

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