Last night,March 9th and today ,march 10th,we are bombarded with quite the storm, the Northern parts of the island, and the sunshine coast, have many power outages, plus there is a very high tide this morning, i took some photos of the charts on passage weather, the one storm, from last night and early this morning, has hurricane force winds and is located in Juan De Fuca strait, not far from here.   Our stove blew out, then came back on with a loud bang, it has a fan underneath, which i then turned on, it helps , but once we went to bed , i turned it off , i wont sleep when its blowing, i lie there , listening to the stove, and everything else for that matter, Bert sleeps very well, i guess he knows i will be alert!!!!!    Being first mate is a tough job!!! 010

chart from passageweather, the storm is just hanging around in front of Juan de Fuca strait. 007

This is what it has looked like , the last few weeks, constant turmoil out there, in the Pacific ocean.


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