I have been keeping to myself a lot since the trip, actually just enjoying being on Curtsy, with her warmth and comfort, i love my mornings, Gribley, “my” gull, flies in around 7, waiting for his treat, but i now have a new gull, “SPUD”, this is a young fellow, from last spring, he even still has his baby face, i call him Spud because he likes potatoes!!!!!!!   This is totally weird , as gulls hate potatoes, but maybe he just doesn’t know any better just yet……    he has no fear, as yet, sticks his head into the boat, through my porthole in the galley, and looks around, waiting for his treats.     He pays no attention to Gribley, who has a total hissy fit, because this young gull seems to taking all his treats, it is very entertaining to watch!!    Then there is Jaytoo, the older, wiser bird, he does not show up till the evening, when it is almost dark, all the other gulls have long gone, so, how smart is he????       He stays till well after dark, a very bright, white bird,he already has his summer plumage.    So, that is what keeps me busy, we are planning to get a kitten, and i can just imagine what will happen with the birds, they wont like it a bit, but hopefully they will get used to him!!! 002

my solitude spot, where i write and meditate.

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