so, spring is here, kind of…..

All the trees in Victoria and in Sidney are full of blossoms, i love the soft pinks, the whites, plum and cherry trees, it only lasts so long, and right now we are having another storm, tons of rain, high wind, it is so hard on them, the Japanese cherry trees are not out yet, so hopefully by that time the weather will be warmer again, with not so much rain.     My little bonsai is showing its leaves, very carefully i might say, but i keep it in the cockpit as soon as the weather gets too wild. Over at Vanisle marina, the Magnolia is blooming!!       Beautiful white blossoms, wrapped in soft ,protective petals.    I love this time of year, it is healing, a new beginning, the greens are so vivid, so bright, it feels sometimes just like it is all too much to take in, all this beauty, so overwhelming.      I visited the marigold nursery, where an old , black and white kitty followed me all over the place, i took photos of the colors, of the variety, the primulas are hard to resist, i do have some on the boat already…..

inside Curtsy     primal fudge 029

White MAGNOLIA, The buds protected by soft, fur like petals.

inside Curtsy     primal fudge 024

inside Curtsy     primal fudge 033

Such vibrant colors, every year again, i want to buy them all!!!

inside Curtsy     primal fudge 019

The view out of the galley porthole on a sunny day.

inside Curtsy     primal fudge 049

The view on a very rainy day.

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