No more photos……

The battery ran out,in my camera…..yes, i have a charger, no, i didnt think i had brought it with me, because usually the battery is good for well over a month, not counting using the telephoto lens, which uses a motor, which uses a huge amount of power, and, well, yes, later on i did find the charger,but not till i was home, well tucked away in the Westy, lovely!!!     Even in such a small RV, things are still hard to find!!!!

So, just a bit of writing now then, we headed to the 101, and found that they had lots of problems here too, because of the severe rain, sink holes!!     In some places, the highway kind of disappeared, i think for almost 4 or more feet, so we drove through lots of D-tours.In Brookings, Oregon, we found a very nice RV place, clean, with excellent laundry facility, plus the lady at the desk, after looking outside as to what we were driving, had great pity for us and put us in a lovely , private spot, she could not possibly imagine, anyone person or two, sleeping in such a little RV, and i cooked in there too you say???   she said with total horror on her face!!!!     Too funny, but most Americans drive in huge motor homes, and take everything with them from home that they might possibly need…..

On monday , Feb.8, we stayed in Bruce Port County park, we even found it in the dark!!!We were surrounded by huge Sitkas, definitely coming back here.    We then headed to Port Townsend, just love that town, with its beautiful , old waterfront, and harbors full of wooden ships. We camped right in down town, at the water, expensive but fun!    Then, the next day, homeward bound, to the Peace Arch and the Tsawwassen ferry to Schwarz bay.

So far we drove 6722 km, the speedometer showed 192646km

It was quite the trip, we thank you , Roel and Ineke , we had tons of fun with you two!!! we thank you Americans and Mexicans, we found everyone courteous, and helpful, we never did see one accident, really amazing i think, as soon as we were on the road on the island, we were rudely cutoff by another driver, so figure!!!    Home again!!!!!

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