Six rivers lookout…

Close to Willow creek, we arrived at the Six rivers lookout, the road winds around the rock cliffs while the Trinity disappears down below, at one point, we pulled over and saw , way down below, these beautiful rivers, six of them, all coming together, they are the EEL RIVER, the VAN DUZEN RIVER, the KLAMATH RIVER ,the TRINITY RIVER ,the MAD RIVER and the SMITH RIVER.  The national forest is truly beautiful, it contains over one million acres, and over 137.000 acres of old growth forest.     Needless to say, this area draws a lot of people, camping, fishing hiking, and white water rafting are among the attractions here.  I can see why…..The old growth forests include Coast Douglas Fir, Tanoak,Pacific Madrone and White Fir.

2016 trip South to Mexico 416

Looking down at the Trinity river.

2016 trip South to Mexico 415

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