The Baja 250, San Felipe race.

This week, right now as i write, the Baja 250 is being held, a 250 mile long loop through the desert, all of our friends are still there, to cheer the competitors on, i could not imagine, sitting in one of those buggies for 250 miles!!!!       There are check points all along the way, and they have lots of supplies with them, but even so……not for me!!!

I had a ride in Chris’s dune buggy, together with Fred and Bert, and the only way i would not lose the fillings in my teeth, was to lift off the seat, push onto the steel bar on the floor with my feet, but it was a ride to remember, unbelievable, how these rigs go basically anywhere, at one point, Chris climbed up a sand dune, well, not climbed, RACED up there, full tilt, and no one knowing what was on the other side!!!!     I let out many a scream, some of joy, some of a bit of terror!!!

2016 trip South to Mexico 102

The suspension and the tires on the Chris’s rig left me with nothing to worry about!!!

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