Sand in our teeth and dune buggy adventures.

It seems that the number one pastime here and in California is dune buggy travel through the desert.    The more you head South in California, and go inland , the more very large RV’s ,pulling a trailer with a dune buggy appear, heading for racing sites, its a huge sport here, and there are many races held throughout the year.

The Baja California is no different, most of the buggies are owned by Americans, but some Mexicans drive theirs right down main street, i noticed actually, that a lot of the cars do not have a license on them, they kind of race around the back streets, and as far as i know, do not get caught.     The odd police car cruises around the malecon, keeping on eye on the loitering  ,young men and girls, but the whole time we were there ,i never saw any problems, other then the bike theft, i found the folks very friendly and nice to (try) and talk with.    I am now learning Spanish, love speaking the language, and someday, if we do go back, i hope to be able to speak a bit better, to be able to have a conversation with someone.    Anyways, back to the dune buggies.      Some of our newly found American friends, have a dune buggy, Chris has a dandy, a very mean looking machine, capable of climbing the highest dune.      On one of the first days, he took Bert and Roel out on a trip, the guys got strapped in , very snug, and very safe, later on, when i got a ride, i could see why……      He took them all around the town, into the dunes and on the beaches.     They came back, smiling broadly, so they had fun!!!!2016 trip South to Mexico 1002016 trip South to Mexico 099

2016 trip South to Mexico 109

Roel , Chris and Bert.

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