Leaving San Felipe on January 25 th.

The plan was to head towards Ensenada, and camp at Clam beach.    Linda ,Don and Judy and Les were already there.    It felt good to head towards the pacific ocean , we veered off and headed inland, coming to a military checkpoint.      The soldiers, dressed in desert fatigues , carrying very big guns, smiled at the Westy, peeked inside and told us to have a good day!!     The desert is immensely dry, here and there, a cactus shows itself above the sand, but mostly it is all rocks and sand, beautiful red colors , laced with browns, it is such a different landscape from what we are used to.      Here and there , we saw a shrine , built into the hillside.     The closer we came towards the coast, the greener the landscape became, dew from the ocean covers the hills at night, and we started seeing orchards and vineyards.

2016 trip South to Mexico 200

Military check point.

2016 trip South to Mexico 207

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