More about food.

Like i said before, we went out a few times, one of them , we headed to the Malecon, to one of the  restaurants,open to the Malecon, so all kinds of folks, salesmen, guitar players, well wishers ,came walking by, or stopped, trying to get our attention.     One older gent, carrying his trusted old guitar, smiled at me, smiled at Bert and started singing and playing.    He sang an American song, and i so wished he would have just sang and played a Mexican song, but the majority here are Americans, us Canadians are quite rare here this year due to the dollar.    I am sure he thought he was doing good for us, Bert gave him a nice tip.       So, one of the things i loved to eat here, and i just found the name in my diary, are Cheviche Camarones, Camarones are shrimp.     They are caught here locally and are soooooo good!!!!   I didnt take a photo of them, not smart, but i am going to try to make them here.

2016 trip South to Mexico 091

One of our hang out spots, mostly sipping margaritas and eating tacos with guacamole!! not much wrong with that……

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