Gas prices, kilometers and ocean…

Just to give an idea of the gas prices in Mexico, in San Felipe, we paid $13.16 pesos per liter, one US dollar was around 16 pesos at that time.     At home the price was 97 cents per liter, so, overall not too bad.   So far we had driven ;3222km!!!!!      The Westy kept on purring, very happy van when she is on the highways.    The closer we came to the ocean , the greener the country side became, dew ,at night, from the ocean, covers the country here, and we started seeing orchards and vineyards.   In one area, Joshua trees showed up, they looked to be in very good health, cacti became taller and more numerous, some strange plants grow at the road side, when we were stopped, i investigated one of them and found that the leaves had a marvelous smell, i have kept some of them, they are dried, but still have that incredible scent.  I went online, to try and find the name of this plant, i was given a list a mile long, without photos, so, thats the end of that!!     But, here is a photo i took.

2016 trip South to Mexico 214

Strange, wonderful smelling plant.

2016 trip South to Mexico 215

Does anyone have an idea what kind of plant this is???

2016 trip South to Mexico 213

Slowly,as we came closer to the ocean, the country side became greener ,with ranches and orchards here and there.

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