We traveled North on the highway 1D, along the coast, just North of Ensenada, we noticed big circles near the shore, with boats around them, here and there, and we found out later on that they are tuna hatcheries.     The ocean just sparkled and shone, like showing off her diamonds, what Shendra’s husband would have said, it was so good to see it again, the Sea of Cortez is lovely but nothing compares to the ocean to me.    We found Clam Beach, found Linda and Les and Judy and Don, and stayed one night.    There was no hot water, and also no one to pay for the night, kind of a strange setup, but we slept well.   next day we headed to the border, to Tecate, back into the USA.

2016 trip South to Mexico 222

Trying to find our way through Ensenada

2016 trip South to Mexico 229

The ocean, sparkling like showing off her diamonds.

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