Whales ,pelicans and shells.

The beach is lovely, with low tide is goes on forever, pelicans dive for fish all day long, and the odd time, a Humpback whale swims by.   Bert found some very nice shells for me, some quite different, the sand is a pinkish color and quite course ,the beach can be driven on, so most of the dune buggies end up driving on the sand, and you can go for miles at low tide.              One fellow kept flying over in a uni airplane, i think thats what it is called, not sure, i will post a photo so someone can tell me the right name.The campground is closed off by a big fence and locked gates, this is mainly so the salesmen cannot come and see us, the odd one did slip in , with sun hats, sunglasses and jewelry.     I find it very sad it has to be like that, it did not feel good to me to be “closed off”.

2016 trip South to Mexico 023

Uni plane!! he would take us out for a half hour, for 30 US!!

2016 trip South to Mexico 042

2016 trip South to Mexico 123

Roel and Bert on the beach


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