New friends and the wonderful welcome they gave us.

One of the first nights we were there, a potluck was organized, i know most of the names of all the campers, but not all………  One fellow, a fine gent in his early eighties, travelling by himself to San Felipe in his (to me) very large motor home, EVERY WINTER ,since his wife died several years ago ,has become a dear friend and that is BUD!!!         Bud took us around to look at the sights, to get to know the area, where to go shopping for groceries, he also took us for a drive to the airport ,to see the country sides on the way.    But, more about that later.

The potluck was awesome, i love it, when there are so many different dishes, i bought a fig tart in town, as i cannot bake in the Westy, and there was not any left by the evening so it must have been good!!     This  was a good chance to get to know most of the folks, there is Bud, Judy and Les, Linda and Don, they are from B.C.,close to us!!!    Then there are Chris and Gladys, Chris owns a very powerful looking dune buggy, and YES!!! i had a ride on it!!!    Chris’dad Fred  came along too, Cindi, Fred’s wife stayed home, Randy and Tammy also own a dune buggy, and i think that Bert and Roel also had a ride in that one.

San Felipe, and actually , most of Mexico, is loaded with stray dogs, they are everywhere, mostly a brown color, very, very skinny, the females have hanging bellies and nipples, none of these dogs are spayed or neutered.     The reason i mention them is because at the potluck, a stray dog constantly hung around, actually, she was very beautiful, she didnt seem scared, and i found out that some of the campers feed her , mostly people food, so apparently she wont eat dog food, now that tells you something!!    I liked her very much and even toyed with the idea to bring her home.    But……she is used to freedom, to go where she wants, she would have to live on our boat, so much to consider, and i had no idea how old she is.    Apparently an organization in California ,USA, is picking these dogs up, getting them fixed, they then get a red collar, and let go again.  I saw several dogs with red collars and this female here in the campsite had one too…….

2016 trip South to Mexico 049

lone Mexican dog.

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