Beach walks and touring the country side.

Life is so vibrant here, even though folks have a hard time, they are busy, music plays everywhere, mostly Mexican music, but just outside the campground, a casino opened up every day at 3, and started up the boom box, placing it right outside the doors, this boom box is well over 3 feet tall and very, very loud, they mainly played American hits, like i said, starting at 3….. till 3 in the morning!!!          After about 6 nights, i was used to the constant music, on the weekends though, the musicians on the Malecon , the main road at the water, started playing, and singing, and playing the trumpets, this definitely went on all night!!!      I believe its a totally different experience , being right inside a town, instead of a resort, we got to know some Mexicans and found them very friendly and courteous.    They all try to make a living, either with selling food and drinks , or jewelry, t-shirts and hats.    The only thing i did not like is that all the prices were in US dollars, and for us, that is very expensive as the Canadian dollar is so low right now.    I asked one lad if i could pay in pesos , and he had no idea how to convert the money.

2016 trip South to Mexico 089

Lots of touristy things to buy.

2016 trip South to Mexico 090

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