Sand and music.

So here we are, camping in San Felipe, the campground is right at the beach, also right in town, we managed to get two spots next to each other, we then were surrounded by folks from the USA, all in very big rigs, the 5th wheels being pulled by very big diesel trucks.     They really did a double take when they saw our Westfalia, and it looked like they were kind of feeling sorry for us……   How on earth could two people camp in this little thing???  We had the bikes tied to the back, and the first thing we were told was that they might get stolen, one large motor home had their bike taken right off the back, the cable lock cut, while they slept with their heads right next to the back, but, the guy that stole the bike was caught, the bike returned.   I decided to create a booby trap for the bikes, they were locked with a very thick , strong cable but i emptied one of the stainless steel water bottles, then put some small rocks in the bottom, and then tied it to the bikes, so that no matter what, the culprit HAD to move this bottle, and therefore make quite the racket!!!  There were no more problems!!!

Things are hard here for the locals, San Felipe is a fishing village , or at least, was, the government closed down the commercial fishing, and the men here are having a very hard time, they can still fish for themselves but not sell it anymore.

2016 trip South to Mexico 181

In order to get the small boats out into deeper water, the men use an anchor to slowly pull themselves deeper.

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