by this time it is December 19th,Christmas is coming!!!

But, here we are, in the south, with flowers blooming, people walking around in t-shirts, sandals, but there are Christmas trees, looking kind of out of place to me….
We roamed around in Tucson for a while, i liked it there, quite a beautiful city, and i took some interesting photos.
Tucson has 350 days of sunshine per year, so needless to say, its a popular place.
The downtown area is beautiful, with architecture using the desert colors, succulents growing every where, the streets are clean, people are friendly.
They would come over to us, while we were having our coffee, and show interest in who we are, where we came from, we definately must have looked different, or weird, not sure, but their interest was very genuine!

details of a bus stop.

details of a bus stop.


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