A little bit of info about this trip. We were lucky that the gas prices were good, on averge we paid $2.50 per gallon, we filled up every day, after about 4 hours of driving, which would cost us about 20 dollars, not too bad, the food costs at the other hand were very high, everything is very expensive, i know the cost of things in Canada very well, so could compare, the funny thing is that some of the items, were more expensive in the States, for instence, rice, we but Lundberg rice, it comes from here, so i thought it would be cheaper, but it was far more expensive,go figure!!!
The vegetables at the stands alongside the road were of very poor quality, they had been sitting there for a while, we bought some avocados, and had to throw them all out.
But Safeway, one of the main stores in the States had excellent quality vegetables, so we shopped there mainly, plus they have wine!!!!
But, the highlight of the trip was picking the fruit off the trees!!!
The average price for camping, in an RV place with power was $35.00, the odd time we stayed on the side of the road, well pulled off, but every darn time , the railroad tracks were running alongside, and trains went blasting by every hour of the night!!!! It was hard to avoid them.
And….the coyotes, but we got used to them eventually.
One night we decided to do the tough thing, and stay at a truck stop….. well…. one truck idling all night i can deal with, but a dozen!!!!!
I didnt sleep a wink, plus i was very cold, so that was that, no need to be THAT tough!!!!!
We found the KOA the best, the prices were good, and they have some nice ambience, not so darn fancy, but everything was always clean.

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  1. Yeah… I remember the KOA campgrounds when we traveled across the states in 1989. They were great and most of them had a pool!

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