South,towards the mexico border.

In Flagstaff,we met Les ,Donna and Barkely ,the golden retriever. Some of you know, i used to have a golden as a pet, Nanauk, she was with me for 15 1/2 years, well, i so fell in love with Barkely, such a kind, loving dog, easy going, and so loyal to his owners. Les and Donna were going South too, towards Phoenix, so we hoped to see them again.
We ended up in the same KOA campgrouns as them, after first going to another place, full of very fancy motor homes and even fancier owners.
In the KOA campground, we had a nice spot, in the far corner, surrounded by cacti and two lovely Amish people for neighbours, who brought us oranges from a local orchard.
We made dinners together with les and Donna, and went shopping. They were going to stay in the area for Christmas as they had family in the area, we decided to head south towards the ocean again.
Between Phoenix and Tucson, we stayed in a nice RV place, they gave us a spot totally surrounded by orange,lemon and grapefruit trees, what a treat!!
no one seemed to pick them, some of the fruit was huge, so we first picked just a few, ate them all, they were absolutely superb!!!!!
So…. we filled three bags with them, no one minded, they were just going to let them hang there, they did tell us that you have to be careful,and make sure to pick the fresh ones, some of them could be from last years crop. 180181183

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