August 22, happy birthday Charlie!!!!

We took off from Hot Springs Cove on the 22nd, and headed to Bottleneck cove, in Holmes inlet. The sun was out, nice breeze, sails out, and i just kept grabbing for my camera that wasnt there……So, now i use Bert’s for a while!!     We saw a black bear on the shore in Bottleneck Cove, he was turning rocks on the shore, it was a day past full moon , so the tides were still quite high and low.   The bears know when to head to the beach, and search for crabs and other yummies!!!            The hanging gardens here are wonderful, rock cliffs above the water, colored with lichen , moss, dwarf huckleberry bushes, salal and ferns, i dont think a gardener could do it any better.      We did a tour all along the shore, saw a small mink with a catch of fish, chickadees above our heads, a liitle deermouse scurried away as fast as it could, sun peeking through the trees, the large branches covered in thick moss, yellow,brown and a deep green.

After this wonderful place, we went to Bacchante bay,way up at Shelter inlet, Watta creek comes out at the head of the bay, and at low tide it shoes large grass lands,great for bears and other critters.    We didnt see any bears, but did see the signs that they had been there.   No one else was here, just a wonderful quiet spot to ourselves.

On August 23rd, we headed to Ahousat , at the head of Matilda inlet.  This was just a stop over, the weather again was wet and cold.    The 24th we headed to Tofino.                           Bought fuel there, and then decided to anchor there.     Basically no one anchors in Tofino, but we really trust our anchor, Bert puts lots of chain out, plus a kessel to keep the chain down, we had no problem.           After 2 nights a storm was coming, SE , a pretty strong one, Bert noticed that a boat had left on the outside, an easy spot for us to dock to, so we “raced” over and grabbed it, its a first come first serve harbour. So, here we are, and its still storming, so we wait, so do some other boats. Saturday is suppose to be good, no more rain, NW , (hopefully), so we will head into Barkley Sound.      Then, more south, as long as the weather stays good…………

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