A very sad story…..

The second day at Hot Springs Cove, sun was out, brisk wind blowing, Bert went fishing with the dinghy, i went kayaking just around the bay.    It is wide open to the ocean, so some swell does come in.    I had seen little beaches, with what looked like small rocks, and lots of  bleached , blond driftwood.   So, off i went.     I decided to go as far as the first liitle bay as i had a very hard time handling the kayak, the wind had come up some more and was now gusting hard.      I landed in soft sand, climbed out, camera around my neck and started exploring.      What i found was nothing but plastic, lots of it, oil bottles, water bottles, a shoe, bags, what a mess.    Every beach is like that, but i try and clean up the best i can.        I loaded all the plastic i could find in the dingy, tucked it in behind the seat. Then  i checked on the rocks, and the beach, what a marvelous little place.       I could see Bert in the dinghy, so he knew where i was.                                                                               I stayed an hour, taking photos, just breathing in the air, then headed back to the kayak.   i loaded everything in, put on my PFD, and pushed the kayak to the water. I was standing in no more then 2 feet of water, carefully climbed in, one leg………a large wave came, didnt see it, lost my balance, kayak tipped over, camera in the water…….all the plastic in the water,binoculars, PFD inflated, (well, at least that works), and there i stood, and it hit me hard, camera is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      I just screamed and cried (no one around), and let it out, this huge disappointment.    Bert came over at Mac 10, he knew this was not good, he cleaned me up, salvaged all the plastic, i put the camera in my jacket, and he towed  the kayak home,he then dried me up, i washed all the salt off, washed the clothes, opened up the camera, and took out the battery,it still seemed ok, charged it, yes it was ok, the card i dont know, it has quite a few photos on it, so , once i get a chance to buy another camera, i will find out.    The new GOLDEN rule is, NO MORE CAMERA IN KAYAK!!!!!     I will be buying a waterproof case, but even then, when i use the camera it is still very venerable!!   I still cant believe i did this, but stopped beating myself up over it.

2 thoughts on “A very sad story…..

  1. I am so sorry. I lost a camera to the water during one of our trips. It was early into the trip so I had to sketch everything I saw the rest of the trip.

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