A little more about these small bays and coves….Everywhere i look into the forest , i see giant trunks of silver cedar, sitka spruce and fir, moss grows on their huge branches ,small ferns rooted in it, Kingfishers are everywhere, every bay, cove and inlet have a pair of these birds in them, they are so busy, while they fly , they chatter, all the time, they sound like rattles,announcing themselves as if to say, we are coming, out of the way!!!!!!   Six merganzers play in Bacchante Bay, a pair with four offspring, they swim in 2 feet of water, but it looks like they are fish, which we thought they were at first.     There are tons of little fish here, lots to eat for these little guys. Watta Creek is beautiful, the water flows clear and fast, further up are some rapids, creating oxygen for the fish, we dont see any large fish but quite a few little ones.   A pair of eagles are hanging out, watching for an opportunity, they are always  interacting, talking with each other.                                            We have seen eagles nests in every bay too, the young have left a long time ago, some still hang around the same bay, but others look for a new spot.              They have to learn to hunt, the parents do not teach them, but they do watch and learn that way.

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