Zeballos to Tahsis,Bodega Cove to Friendly Cove

Zeballos is surrounded by high mountains, i think thats why the colour of the water is so beautiful.    Its a quiet town, lots of fishermen, we were so lucky when we arrived, its a first come first serve marina, so just before we arrived near noon, a boat had left and we grabbed that spot, an easy one too for us to get in and out.   Lisa called on 16, and wondered if there was room for them, so Bert , together with some fishermen reorganized the docks a bit, and made room.             Our dock was full of , i think, Vietnamese fishermen, very friendly lads, not speaking any english, but always helpfull.    We walked through town, trying to find stores, we found one, with basically two potatoes, canned goods, and cold drinks.      Later on , Bert went searching and found two more stores, they are in houses, so you just dont know that they actually sell stuff, he came home with lettuce, cucumbers, and onions.      The cukes were wrapped in plastic and stone cold, and very soon thereafter , even when the plastic was gone, were rotting, no good if they are in plastic and in a fridge.        Learned about that one!!        If you are cruising, and you find a decent piece of cheese, dont buy just one, buy 3 or more.    Try and find all the fresh vegies you can, you go through them very fast.    We left for Tahsis on the 16th, it was still wet and cold, hoped to do some laundry there.                                                                        Basically , Tahsis is all about fishing too this time of year, they did find a spot on the dock for us, and we just stayed one night.                          On the 17th we headed to Bodega Cove, at the head of Kendrick inlet.

I have left my kayak inflated on deck so i could use it more often, its not in the way, and so much fun to go out in.   Bodega cove was marvelous to kayak, i left after dinner, and went through the whole inlet, seeing eagles,kingfishers and herons.  Bert came rowing with the dinghy later on, we didnt see any bears but saw lots of signs.

Friendly Cove is at the entrance of Nootka Sound, a wild place, the swell comes in continually, which makes it uncomfortable, the coast guard was anchored next to us but they left again later on.       The lighthouse is still manned as far as i know, and its somehow comforting to watch the light going around at night.    Monday , August 19th the sun came out, it had been so dark and wet, 90 % humidity, every thing feels sticky, we had the stove on every day, to dry things out.   I felt nervous about leaving somehow, which we did the next day, very early, too early, Bert wanted to go, didnt eat  breakfast, neither did i, so i got sick .   The swell was bad, we rocked and rolled, just no fun.    i tried then to make breakfast down below, but just couldnt, could not stay down there.                                        We ended up going to Hot Springs Cove, and anchoring in front.     Its immensly busy, planes come and go all day long, tourist boats from Tofino bring as many as 20 people, all heading for the springs.   So, the thing is, dont go during the day, but wait till evening which is what we did.    A very well made boardwalk runs all the way to the Hot Springs, it winds through beautiful old growth forest, and all the wooden boards of the walk have the names of boats on them,carved very nicely, from boats visiting  as far back as 2003.                        We loved the springs, they are very small, 3 pools, the first one is very hot, the small waterfall above this pool is too hot (for me), to stand under, the lower pools are wonderful.  Everything is clean, we did not see any garbage!!

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