Kumealon Inlet.

This is truly a lovely anchorage, it has little islets and tree covered islands all throughout the anchorage, and the inner basin, where we headed , offered great protection.  We went to the very back, no other boats around, and anchored in 8 meters of water.  That evening, i saw the moon, i had not seen it for 3 months!!       The shore has beautiful rock formations in some very interesting colors, a lot of them were lime and sand stone, i noticed that the trees growing out of this rock had a much lighter green color then the trees in the rest of the inlet.   Interesting……      At 4.30 am, i was awake, i heard the cry of a cougar, twice, what an incredible sound that is, i have heard the cry before and it really makes all the little hairs in your neck stand up straight!!!  The sun sparkled on the water early in the morning , what a lovely place this is.    We talked about the accident that morning, i think it was a good thing for Bert to let it out, his thoughts, his fears, and talking about it , is the best thing for him to do.    At this point we still felt we were not coming back here any more, wondered if we could keep going, the responsibility of running this boat, keeping it all working well, staying safe, weighed heavy……

On Aug.5, Saturday, We headed to Coghlan Anchorage, at Hartley Bay, we know the bottom there, and its safe, plus the weather was suppose to change.    We had a problem in the aft cabin, i noticed the carpet was wet, just a bit, but this needed to be checked out.    So Bert worked on that while we were there, as Sunday it blew like hell, so might as well fix something.       It ended up coming from under the bed, which is built on top of the steering system, we figured something moved while we had the accident, not sure, but then it also could be condensation from the last few winters, but, there is insulation under there…..  anyway, it has never leaked again!!!   So we bounced around that day, big waves coming into the anchorage, all the other boats had left, it was just us!!!    It blew at 25 knots, and it is shallow there, so the waves were a total pain!!!       I was glad we were done with Grenville Channel!!!     LVN.Kechikan  Dundas Island  PR  Expl. boat  cannery Port Edward  Kumealon Inlet   Hartley bay 191.JPGSlowly coming towards smoke filled skies, an eerie sun shone down on us…LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 204Beautiful , peaceful Kumealon Inlet.

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