We decided , on August 7th, to head out early, the weather was calm, and we headed towards Alexander Inlet, it felt at this point we just wanted to get going, to get South. It ended up being a looooong day, all the way through Princess Royal channel into Tolmie channel, a 12 hour travel day, dont like those a whole lot but sometimes it makes sense.    We saw and heard Red Throated loons, and Sandhill cranes , i love this place even though its a long ways into the anchorage.  Six miles in, but the inlet is lined with steep cliffs ,Bingham Narrows are a few miles in, and you really need to have the tide with you, not against.  Which we had to deal with the next morning….     The feeling here though is other worldly, it even smells different, earthy, everything is so green, so lush.  LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 209Each anchorage gave us a quiet place to be , especially when the weather is good, sitting in the cockpit, with the sun on your face is definitely one of life’s joys!!

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