On our walk with Will and Trish, we came upon a higher part of the muskeg, and we could see the ice chunks and small bergs, leaving the Le Conte glacier across the way, we walked towards the beach , where there were suppose to be petroglyphs, we searched high and low but didnt find them. Some local folks told us that some nerds tried to chisel the petroglyphs out of the rocks, lovely!!!        We really like this town, it has a beautiful new library, a hospital and good schools.    We chatted with a young mom who is a doctor, she had many choices as to where to go and work, but she picked Petersburg, and has not regretted it since.     As we had to go back through Wrangell Narrows, we had to time it again , just right!!!  So, on the 24th , we left on the second half of the flood tide, around 13.00 hours.     We aimed for St. John Harbour, not too far from the entrance of Wrangell Narrows, at the other end though……  Everything is working fine, the kelp that we figured had wound around the shaft, and eventually left us, (thank goodness),in that dreadful anchorage ,Portage bay,  had not done any long term damage.

Lords pocket, Thorne bay, eagles in Ketchikan 2017 065Gull ferry…..

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