To continue….

Last year we were on our way, a whole year ago, and i am still struggling to tell my story, it has been beautiful weather so i have been scrubbing and cleaning the boat, we are surrounded by large trees, maples, weeping willows, and they all have been sending their pollen into the wind, it seems right at Curtsy, who has been covered with a fine, stubborn layer of green, it doesn’t wash off easily, it means spending most of a day, washing, using hot water and soap.      But, i love taking care of her, this is my home, and so the blog had to wait for a while!!    bright, sunny day today, 22 inside the boat, 32 up on deck, my micro greens are busy, most of them are now 6 ” tall and ready to be eating .

But, thats enough about that, here we go with the continuation of the journey last year.

We aimed , on July 14th, for Cosmos cove, on Baranof Island, it has a L -shape and provides great protection if the weather gets rough.     No one seemed to head to this Cove, all the more reason for us to anchor there.     We were well awarded, the shore line was wild and beautiful, huge Sitkas  lined the beaches, lush, waist high grass grew every where we looked, my first thought was….bears!!!!          The day was sunny and warm, and we sat in the open cockpit, relaxing, didnt take long, and there out of the forest ,ambled a brown bear, i think a male, bachelor maybe, he didnt not once looked at us, but proceeded to munch on the fat grasses.        After an hour , he stretched out , scratched himself, (what a life), and dozed for a bit…..   he then got up, and started walking towards the little reef , that was right in front of us, he kept going, straight for the water, and let himself sink into the coolness, i could so understand how good that must have felt to him!      he then kept going, swimming to the other side of the narrow bay.      Here was new grass to check out, more to explore, he shook himself out, gave us one look, and off he went.


COSMOS COVE BARANOF WARM SPRINGS 031A good shake and away we go!!

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