Baranof warm springs

We stayed in Cosmos Cove till July 16th, then headed towards Baranof warm springs, so many boating folks had told us about this place, about the tranquility, and the wonderful warm water waiting there, as you come into the bay, there awaits you a 100′ waterfall, which used to provide the residents here with power, three natural hot springs come down the hillside , next to the river, the temperatures are hot and then hotter!!!   The hot water is piped from up high, to three bath houses, which have large, metal tubs inside, you let the “old” water drain out, put the plug in, and fill it up!!!     TADAH!!!!  a wonderful warm soak, a curtain gives you privacy and you can lock the door, which i did, Bert was in another tub, but it didnt take long, or he knocked on my door, just as i was nicely submerged in the warm water, he didnt have a cold water faucet in his tub,mine did, so it got too hot for him.       I didnt mind sharing, the tubs are more then big enough.   I can take very hot water, but not for long, so after a few minutes Bert took over, added cold water and sunk down into bliss!!!         I think we enjoyed this three times while we were there.         The next day we also walked up the trail, and visited the natural hot pools,  i didnt strip there but slowly sunk into the water as much as i could….The trail is gorgeous, it is lined with dogwood, salmon berries ,blue berries and huge skunk cabbage, every colour green imaginable.        The dock was full when we got there, but a very kind lad moved his boat for us so we could tie Curtsy up, i found the atmosphere was good, people are kind and considerate, could have stayed there a long time…..    The folks living in the cabins seemed to be from Norwegian decent , some had been there a long time, others live there to get away from it all, which you truly do!!!! A boardwalk lines the bay, which leads to the forest, and the warm pools.     There are bears there every day, one even uses the boardwalk, might as well right?        Signs are everywhere to warn of them, we saw two of them, both brown bear, i can so understand that the bears hang around the warm pools, i am sure they enjoy them at night!!!

COSMOS COVE BARANOF WARM SPRINGS 052beautiful water fall, as you come into Baranof warm springs bay.


COSMOS COVE BARANOF WARM SPRINGS 054Brown bear on the beach, the hot water from the tubs drains unto the beach below, i think he was waiting for a free shower……

COSMOS COVE BARANOF WARM SPRINGS 058View towards the waterfall and the boardwalk.

COSMOS COVE BARANOF WARM SPRINGS 066One of the bath houses, just looking at this, i want to go back so badly!!


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