Slowly heading back to Bartlett Cove.

The second time, anchoring in Blue Mouse cove, the Black Cottonwood did not have any scent left at all, the cottony  seeds hang in clusters from the branches and  were covering the water surface and everywhere else, the job was done!!      The other boats left , and we stayed two nights, again, listening to the whales, shore feeding and sleeping.   This place is magical.

July 9, we are heading back to Bartlett Cove and the tribal hut.    The tide would be running hard in Sitakaday Narrows, so we took our time, we had been warned by the parks folks, that the whales shore feed in the narrows, so we were on guard. We had left at 8.30, but when we came close to the narrows, we had to wait quite a while, it was still running at 5 knots, against us, which means that we would be standing still!!!   eehh… floating still!!        We never did see one whale, must have left them all in Blue Mouse cove!!         We anchored in our “old” spot, in Bartlett cove, and headed to shore for food, a shower, laundry and more.   A hot shower is $5.00 US, yikes!!    i decided to shower on board which i had been doing all along anyways, but Bert disappeared in the shower, while i got the laundry going.        We ended up talking with a very nice young lady, Sarah, from Michigan, she was camping with her husband, he went home and she decided to get a job here at the park.      She offered to borrow a friends car and take us into Gustavus, do a bit of shopping and look around.         Bert was all done with his shower, standing outside, and all of a sudden called me over, very urgently, and there, right on the small path, was a porcupine, a very large one, waddling down the path, not looking at us at all, i called him and called him, and eventually he stopped, very slowly turned his black head and face , looked at me, as if to say, “what do you want”???     and onwards he went again!!      His quills were creamy white, and very long, very impressive, would not want to piss him off!!!!!     He made my day!!!!   The only thing is, NO PHOTO!!!!!

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