On June 22nd….

we traveled through Frederick Sound, around Cape Fanshaw, and tucked in behind Whitney island, anchoring in Cleveland Passage.     Bert was a bit cautious about this anchorage, as it is exposed but we did just fine, the other two boats anchored near us.  We again saw Dall’s Porpoise , as they rode the waves at our bow, and to our right, a family of Humpbacks surfaced, at least 12 of them, they were too far away for photos, they were jumping, and hitting their flukes on the water, creating quite a stir, i am not sure if they were bubble feeding, but busy they were!!!!      Usually , when you see lots of seabirds, tons of gulls in a certain spot, its a guarantee that whales are feeding!!     We had a good evening, and decided to head towards Tracy arm the next day, the other boats had the same plan, there are not that many anchorages in the area, especially ones that are not too deep.

whales in Frederick Sound.Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 050You cannot mistake these beautiful, jolly animals, their black and white brightly visible under water. Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 038

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